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Easi-Sport is what is referred to as “Astro”. Being mainly used for hockey and tennis, it’s also our number 1 putting green grass. Simulating the look and feel of a perfect green, this product allows customers to have a little golf putting area incorporated into their Easigrass™ garden which can be great fun for family and friends. The product has a very low texturised finish and is very easy to maintain. With our specialist in-house installers, we can even introduce falls and rises to make your area a little more challenging for the keen golfer. We can even place the professional holes and flags as part of the look and feel. This is also a fantastic grass for high traffic areas and offices.


Easigrass™. The No. 1 brand for artificial grass

Easigrass™ was founded in the UK by Jonathan Gallagher in 1989. For many years the business focused on the sports industry as demand for artificial grass grew. The products didn’t look natural enough for anyone to think about replacing their lawns with a synthetic product. Easigrass™ began research and development on innovative ways to create value for residential and commercial applications. The demand for leisure/landscaping artificial grass increased dramatically as Easigrass™ launched products.

No, not at all. It is fully UV protected, so it retains its lovely lush, green colour and we offer 8-year warranty against fading. Perfect for the harsh South African climate.
There are many factors which will determine the life span of your grass; the particular product, the application, how often it is used, what it is used for and if it is maintained properly etc. The normal life expectancy is 10 – 15 years. Sports installations which are continually used will have a shorter life span than a landscaped area that is occasionally walked on.
Easigrass™ is very realistic. From a distance it is often difficult to tell it apart from natural grass. Please request a sample or to view an installation to see for yourself.
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