Why install an artificial lawn?

Lets face it… wet and muddy gardens are a common sight in South Africa. Whilst global temperatures are rising, we’re still having to contend with extreme weather patterns, making our garden maintenance more and more time consuming.

But you’re probably wondering:

“What options do I have and how easy is it to get my perfect lawn?”

Fear not – Easigrass are here for you. Artificial grass (also known as AstroTurf, Fake Grass and Synthetic Grass) is the answer. Nowadays with advanced technology, artificial lawns look and feel incredibly realistic and can solve many garden owners woes.

Artificial grass has been around for many years now and is becoming more and more popular with pet owners, school play areas and sports pitches. Gone are the days of letting your pet or child into the back garden, only to find them covered in mud and trailing it through the house.

But what are the benefits? I hear you ask:

Very low maintenance

Having artificial grass installed in your garden comes with some great advantages – such as spending more time playing with your kids or entertaining guests in the garden instead of mowing and weeding.

Environmental Benefits

As our summer temperatures rise and break records each year, so does the water restrictions in some areas where droughts can be a problem. Of course, having synthetic grass means that there is no need to water which can substantially reduce water usage and costs. Also, garden owners need to think about the fertilisers needed to keep a healthy lawn area looking so green and healthy. By choosing an alternative to natural grass, you can limit the pesticides that can be dangerous to kids and pets and also pollution caused from water carrying chemicals into the drains is minimised.

Perfect for pets

Dogs, cats and other pets love to play in the garden, but often end up making a mess of the lawn and bring mud back into the house. With artificial grass gardens, pets will love to stretch out and roll around in the luxury real grass feel. There’s also a huge advantage when it comes to toilet time with staining and smells. Pets will happily ‘do their business’ on it and our artificial grass is permeable, allowing pet urine to drain through and faeces to be removed easily. The artificial grass fibres will remain completely undamaged, as all is needed is a quick clean.

Ok, so now you know some of the benefits of having an artificial lawn, we’ll show you what applications it can be used for?

Artificial Grass For Your Home

We’ve carried out artificial grass installations in thousands of homes around Southern Africa. They can be in the back or front garden, on terraces, balconies and roof gardens, perfect for all year round relaxing and entertaining.

Perfect For Sports

We’ve installed thousands of square metres of sports turf and have earned a global reputation for our quality craftsmanship combined with great value. Our artificial grass is perfect for Golf, Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Hockey and much more.