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Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Why not choose the perfect solution for your garden, imagine a lawn that does not need watering and does not need pesticides that harm the environment.

We all want the easy life. There are many benefits of having artificial grass installed in the garden, so we’ve outlined just some of the major advantages of switching to artificial grass instead of living with below par, muddy natural garden grass.

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What Is Artificial Grass?

Why install an artificial lawn?

Lets face it… wet and muddy gardens are a common sight in South Africa. Whilst global temperatures are rising, we’re still having to contend with extreme weather patterns, making our garden maintenance more and more time consuming.

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How often should I water my natural lawn?

You need to water your lawn to supply the right amount of moisture, cool down the soil temperature and wash fertilisers into the soil. As clay soils hold moisture for longer than sandy soils, you’ll need to water grass planted in sandy soils more frequently. However, clay may hold onto water more intensely, preventing your lawn from utilising that high moisture content. Loam is the ideal soil mix and will retain just the right amount of water, while still releasing enough moisture.

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