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Artificial turf can be used not only as a replacement to outdoor grass, but can also be used for a multitude of different effects… Artificial turf, artificial lawn or fake grass – the answer to problem areas in your garden where grass simply does not grow. Are you tired of mowing your lawn, regular maintenance costs, relaying natural lawn, dogs or children creating a muddy mess? Need the grass that’s always green and looks good 365-days of the year. Artificial turf is the solution.


  • Eliminate irrigation maintenance
  • Eliminate lawnmower, fertilizer,
    pesticides and maintenance costs
  • Can handle excessive high activity,
    i.e. playgrounds and dogs
  • Convenient and hassle free
  • 365-days of perfect green lawn
  • Eliminate water requirements and
    contribute to water conservation


When Discovery Health approached us with the opportunity to install on their roof top, a number of possibilities almost become reality. Amoungst the initial ideas were a golf green and a relaxation area. Finally, a joggers track became the healthiest and most popular option amoungst employees and management alike. Our sincere thanks and congratulations to Discovery Health on this inovative and truely Healthy Idea!
Central Build It, Bedfordview, approached us with the idea to have their garden display area inside an outdoor grassy looking area. We had the perfect solution. Now people actually walk over to the display because the turf catches their eye first. More people people in the garden display area…..more garden related items sold!
Menlyn Park Shopping Mall really has created something special in the playarea for the children. This fantastic idea should be a must for every shopping centre. With all the restaurants surrounding, parents and children alike have very little difficulty in choosing their favourite eating and relaxing spot!